Asahiyama Castle Ruins


Another video! I jumped in the car and drove down the road for about 10 minutes or so. Me and Taiga ended up at the Asahiyama Castle Ruins, a site that had seen some conflict back in the day. It is a shame that there are no gates, towers or even stonework but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. What has remained is a little of the sculpting of the mountain in the form of a dry moat (ditch). Have I hyped it too much?

I have noticed that my videos in the past have been lacking greatly with regards to information. I’m happy to say that relatively speaking, this video is choc-full o’ facts. Relatively speaking.

  • David LaSpina / JapanDave

    Great video. Cute kid ^^

    Keep them coming, man. I’m enjoying watching these.

  • JJLuke77

    HAHAHA “Say Hello… oooor nooot!” XD

    They do all the same: when you ask to talk or greet… tumbleweeds.
    When you need silence => WIZARD OF OZ!

  • admin

    Hi JJLuke77, Thank for your comment. I’m not exactly sure what it means though. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video.

  • コルーズ・真秀

    Heheheheh I love it, “not exactly sure what it means though.” HAhAhAhA

    My favorite part of the video was, “I can’t read that….” -Well me Either… who the heck made Japanese so difficult anyway!

    Great job. Nice work putting it into a historical perspective. I enjoy learning about how the castles changed hands etc. The dry moat was cool too. To bad they didn’t have a larger photo diagram of what the castle used to look like.

    -nice work…. Now the Japanese are going to expect piggy back rides from all Gaijin!


  • admin

    Thanks for your comment M.

    Yeah, I do tend to gloss over stuff. My style is 適当 (tekitou) which translates to:
    * 1: suitable; adequate; relevant; appropriate; fit;
    * 2: random; halfhearted; on the spot; whatever works

    Probably the second definition. Not good.

    I certainly won’t be advertising any piggy back rides!